How Our Design Process Works

We love the design and loving the new kitchen. Thanks for your help. I tell everyone you were a great mediator and helped to get Natasha and I on the same page.
— Rick H.

Step 1 | Getting Started

My first step is to sit down with you to define your project goals and objectives, including what you like and dislike about your current space, how you live in it, how you want to function in the space, and your priorities for the project. This will enable me to get a sense of your design and aesthetic preferences and define your project scope.

Step 2 | Concept Design

During concept design, we will focus on developing a design scheme (or schemes) which incorporates your goals and objectives into space planning, material and finish options , and color palettes. My 3D computer program allows you to visualize your space early in the process.

Step 3 | Design Development and Specs

During design development, we will turn the chosen concept or components of multiple concepts into a more cohesive plan. We will begin choosing materials together and assemble specifications and schedules that provide clear instructions for estimating and production.  

Step 4 | Construction Documents

This is where we fine tune and notate the plans with dimensions, instructions, and details to ensure a smooth-running project and help you to know what you are getting. We will review the plans and specifications for accuracy and produce permit ready plans. 

Step 5 | Construction Phase and Design Consulting

The designer’s involvement in the project continues through out the construction phase. We are available to answer questions about the design, layout materials, interpret the information provided in the construction documents, and if needed, help with changes.