Eastmoreland Cottage Kitchen

The clients loved the style and charm of their 1925 Tudor-style cottage, so respecting its age and preserving its original style was a priority. As avid cooks, they also wanted a real working kitchen, so durability and professional kitchen style were important influences on their design decisions.The kitchen in the historic home had undergone what Chelly dubbed a “big-box store special”just before the couple moved in. The cabinets had a Thermafoil finish that her toaster had melted; the floors were red vinyl-composite tiles that were popping up all over; storage was lacking and the placement of the bulky refrigerator made the room feel cramped. 

Chelly utilized custom cabinetry, switched to a single-bowl 24-inch sink and wall-mounted faucets to help gain valuable inches. The concrete features and stainless steel appliances lent a professional working kitchen look that fit into the historic architecture. She adding a few modern accents that fit with the kitchen’s vintage style. One of Chelly’s favorite thing about the architecture was the original 1925 windows that she had fully restored and painted charcoal to highlight them. 

Construction Partner: CODA Construction PDX 
Photography by Blackstone Edge Studios

Featured In: Cottages & Bungalows
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